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DGS&D Rate Contract for Computers 2020-21: Latest Deals & Offers

Top 10 Legal Questions About DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21

Question Answer
1. What DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21? Well, my friend, DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21 framework agreement supply computers related equipment pre-negotiated rates. It`s like a golden ticket for government organizations to buy computers without going through the hassle of lengthy procurement processes.
2. Who eligible purchase under DGS&D Rate Contract? Any government department, public sector undertaking, autonomous bodies can dance tune DGS&D Rate Contract. It`s like an exclusive club where only the privileged ones can get their hands on the latest computers without breaking a sweat.
3. Can private companies buy from DGS&D Rate Contract? Sorry, my friend, this is a members-only party. Private companies invited DGS&D Rate Contract shindig. It`s strictly for the government folks to enjoy.
4. What benefits purchasing under DGS&D Rate Contract? Oh, where do I start? You get to skip the lengthy bidding process, enjoy pre-negotiated prices, and have the assurance of quality and timely delivery. It`s like having a genie fulfill all your computer wishes without any hassle.
5. Can rates under DGS&D Rate Contract be negotiated? Alas, my friend, rates under DGS&D Rate Contract firm rock. They are pre-negotiated and non-negotiable. It`s like a price tag that says, “Take it or leave it.”
6. How long DGS&D Rate Contract valid? DGS&D Rate Contract valid period one year from date its commencement, unless otherwise specified. It`s like a limited-time offer that you wouldn`t want to miss.
7. What happens if dispute with supplier under DGS&D Rate Contract? If there`s a dispute, the buyer and the supplier can resolve it amicably through negotiations. If that fails, they can take the matter to arbitration. It`s like a duel, but with words and paperwork instead of swords.
8. Can DGS&D Rate Contract be extended beyond its validity period? Yes, DGS&D Rate Contract extended further period, subject mutual agreement between buyer supplier. It`s like adding extra innings to a cricket match when both teams want to keep playing.
9. Can terms DGS&D Rate Contract be modified? Any modification terms DGS&D Rate Contract should done through formal agreement between buyer supplier. It`s like making amendments to a sacred contract that both parties have to agree on.
10. How buyer terminate DGS&D Rate Contract? If buyer wants part ways DGS&D Rate Contract, they can do so giving written notice supplier. It`s like saying, “It`s not you, it`s me,” but in a more formal and legal way.


The DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21

As a law professional, I am always on the lookout for new developments and opportunities for my clients. DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21 one such exciting opportunity I eager explore. This rate contract offers wide range Benefits for Businesses and Government Organizations looking procure computers related equipment.

Key Highlights DGS&D Rate Contract

The Directorate General Supplies Disposals (DGS&D) has been instrumental streamlining procurement process various products services. DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21 comprehensive agreement covers variety computer hardware, software, peripherals. Some key highlights this rate contract include:

  • Competitive prices negotiated by DGS&D
  • Quality assurance for all products listed under rate contract
  • Transparent efficient procurement process
  • Extended warranty service support

Benefits for Businesses and Government Organizations

Businesses government organizations stand gain several advantages by leveraging DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21. By opting for products listed under this rate contract, they can benefit from:

  • Cost savings through pre-negotiated competitive rates
  • Streamlined procurement process, reducing time effort
  • Assurance quality reliability products
  • Access wide range products from reputed manufacturers

Case Study: Successful Implementation DGS&D Rate Contract

One notable case study exemplifies benefits DGS&D Rate Contract Computers procurement process undertaken government agency. By utilizing the rate contract, the agency was able to procure high-quality computers and peripherals at significantly reduced costs. This not only resulted in cost savings but also streamlined the entire procurement process, enabling the agency to allocate resources to other critical areas.

Exploring the Product Categories

DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21 covers wide array product categories, including:

Product Category Description
Desktop Computers Includes various configurations and specifications
Laptop Computers Offering portability and performance
Printers Scanners For all printing and document scanning needs
Networking Equipment Routers, switches, and accessories
Software Solutions Operating systems, productivity software, and more

DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21 presents exciting opportunity businesses government organizations procure computer equipment competitive prices assured quality. As a legal professional, I am eager to assist my clients in leveraging this rate contract to meet their technology needs effectively. With the numerous benefits and extensive product categories covered, this rate contract is indeed a game-changer in the procurement landscape.


DGS&D Rate Contract Computers 2020-21

Welcome official DGS&D Rate Contract Computers year 2020-21. Below is the legal contract outlining the terms and conditions for the procurement of computers through this rate contract. Please review the contract carefully before proceeding with any purchases.

Article I General Provisions
Article II Scope Work
Article III Payment Terms
Article IV Delivery Acceptance
Article V Warranties Remedies
Article VI Term Termination
Article VII Dispute Resolution
Article VIII Confidentiality
Article IX Force Majeure
Article X Governing Law

By signing below, the parties acknowledge that they have carefully read and understood the terms and conditions of this rate contract and agree to be bound by its provisions.


_______________________ (Supplier) _______________________ (Authorized Representative)

_______________________ (Buyer) _______________________ (Authorized Representative)

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