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Teacher Stamps Self Inking !

Stamp Your Way to Success!
Teacher Stamps Self-inking

8 Different Colors Stamps

With 8 Different Phrases
Individually Wrapped Stamps With Storage tray

Eight Different stamps with Different Massages!

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Our Happy Clients!

"Each stamp has an individual cap but they all come enclosed in a little case w a clear cap over that so it’s not easy for them to dry up. The colors are bright and beautiful. It stamps on smoothly and easily."
Diana Burnwood
"This is such a great idea for easing grading with my 2nd graders! They love seeing the stamp on their paper and I love seeing their smiles at the added positivity to their days."
Jessica Foxx​
"I give these as gifts to teachers and so far they've all loved them. They said the stamps help them save time from having to write on a lot of papers and add a little color and fun as well."
Lily Granger​
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